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All-Natural Rice Bran Oil

Feed supplement and feed conditioner for all horses
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Features & Benefits

All-natural and unrefined
Highly palatable
High in digestible energy
Contains naturally high levels of antioxidants
Natural source of gamma-oryzanol
Excellent hair coat conditioner
Improves body condition
Reduces dustiness of feeds


Useful for adding sheen to the haircoat

High in digestible energy and will add calories to the diet without extra bulk.

  • McCauley's All-Natural Rice Bran Oil is excellent for improving the body condition of horses, especially those that are unable or unwilling to consume more feed.
  • One gallon of rice bran oil is equivalent to the oil content of approximately 36 lbs. of rice bran.

Natural antioxidants, notably various forms of vitamin E and gamma-oryzanols, are present in significant levels.

  • The antioxidant property of vitamin E helps to maintain cell membrane structure, red blood cell stability and capillary blood vessel integrity. Furthermore, the more active the cell (e.g., muscle cells), the greater the risk of tissue damage if vitamin E is limited. Consequently, vitamin E helps prevent muscle damage, inflammation and "tying-up" in horses. Another important function of vitamin E is its role in maximizing the immune function.

Besides having an antioxidative function, gamma-oryzanol is listed in The Merck Index (12th ed., 1996) as an anti-ulcerative. Therefore, McCauley's All-Natural Rice Bran Oil may also reduce the incidence or severity of gastric ulcers.

McCauley's All-Natural Rice Bran Oil contains approximately 2% gamma-oryzanol. Therefore, 2.5 fluid oz. (2.28 oz. by weight) will contain 1,290 milligrams of gamma-oryzanol, which is higher than the daily dose of most equine "bodybuilding" supplements.

Safe alternative for horses refusing to consume other vegetable oils.

Provides the benefits without most of the disadvantages of rice bran.

  • Less bulky
  • More palatable than rice bran
  • McCauley's® All-Natural Rice Bran Oil produces no digestive disturbances, while rice bran can occasionally cause digestive upset in horses.
  • Avoids imbalances of other nutrients. Rice bran oil contains negligible amounts of calcium and phosphorus. Rice bran, on the other hand, can contain either a high level of phosphorus and little calcium or high phosphorus and very high calcium depending on the manufacturer. The amounts of phosphorus and calcium in rice bran have the potential to significantly alter the calcium/phosphorus balance in the total diet.

Safe for hyperkalemic periodic paralysis disease (HYPP) horses, McCauley's All-Natural Rice Bran Oil contains very little potassium. Therefore, it provides an excellent source of additional calories to HYPP horse diets. Some feedstuffs commonly fed for extra calories, such as rice bran and whole soybeans, also contain high levels of potassium and would not be recommended for HYPP horses.

Product Size

Available as individual 1-gallon container or in 6-gallon case.

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Their quality is excellent

“I have been using McCauley’s feeds for over 10 years on a variety of horses, from elite eventers to foxhunters, ponies, pleasure horses and retired horses. McCauley’s has products that provide nutrition for all these types and more. Their quality is excellent, and they truly care about the horse’s well-being. Plus, they are always available to answer questions and help provide solutions.”
Nina Fout, Professional Event Rider, Trainer & Course Designer

The Plains, VA

An integral part of my horses’ health and careers

“McCauleys Feeds have been an integral part of my horses’ health and careers for a long time now and I couldn’t be happier! Their weight is easily manageable with all the different selections of feed and their skin and coats are as healthy and beautiful as they can get with the fortification that goes into each bag. I regularly have people ask me what I feed my horses because they’re so shiny and dappled.”
Lisa Barry, Lisa Barry Equestrian

Ocala, FL

The secret weapon in our program

“McCauley’s Alam® has been the secret weapon in our program, responsible for retraining and rehoming Thoroughbreds for the largest aftercare organization in the country. Whether our new arrivals have issues with ulcers or are off their grain, we have seen a miraculous difference in weight gain, behavior and appetite within a matter of weeks. We have previously tried every competitor’s grain with identical management and we see unwanted behaviors persist. In addition, despite feeding the manufacturer’s recommended amounts, desired weight gain has been slow. Alam® provides our horses with cool energy and prepares them to step into their new jobs and excel, powered by the best formula on the market.”
Erin MacDonald, Trillium Sport Horses

Anthony, FL

The quality is the best on the market

“Any athlete knows that what we put into our bodies is massively important, not only for being able to perform at the highest levels, but also for recovery and repair — and the same goes for horses, of course. With McCauley’s I’ve been able to work with their nutritionists to tailor a different feeding plan for each horse. I believe the quality is the best on the market and it’s also one of the most cost-effective, mainly in that my horses would never dream of wasting it; they always run to their feed buckets to eat and that, in itself, is a huge selling point for me.”
Sara Kozumplik, Overlook Farm

Berryville, VA

I can’t imagine feeding anything else

“I have been a McCauley’s Feed customer for 20 years, and I can’t imagine feeding anything else. I run a busy retraining and boarding business with multiple young Thoroughbreds transitioning from racing to sport horse careers. With the great nutrition and expert advice from McCauley’s, these horses have changed from lean runners to beefy show horses with glossy coats and strong hoof growth. I also manage a handful of retirees and some insulin resistant horses. Having the vast variety in available feeds means I always know each horse is getting exactly what they need to thrive!”
Jenn O’Neill, Lucky Dog Eventing

Lexington, KY